About Us

We're solar powered.Clear Creek Consultants' office is 100% powered by
a 7.7 kW solar photovoltaic system

Clear Creek Consultants is a water resources consulting firm providing quality service in the following areas:

Water Quality Management
Watershed-based water quality evaluation and planning
Mass loading studies and total maximum daily load (TMDL) evaluations
Non-point source identification and evaluation
Mine planning and water quality analysis
Remedial investigation and feasibility study support (RI/FS)
Environmental Permitting and Compliance
Environmental Impact Statement and Assessment support (EIS)
Baseline water resources inventory and water quality evaluation
Mitigation planning
Water quality standards/ambient water quality criteria evaluation
NPDES compliance support/effluent mixing analysis
Water Resource and Environmental Monitoring
Water quality monitoring network design, installation, and QA/QC audit
Automated Real-Time water quality and streamflow monitoring
Storm water/snowmelt event-based water sampling and data analysis
Stream gaging, hydraulic rating analysis, and data publication
Meteorological station installation and QA/QC audit
Remote sensing/telemetry data collection systems
Data reduction, management, and reporting